Skinny Girl Seducing the Gas Guy

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Sexy black babe Jordin Sky was completely broke. She was explaining to her boyfriend on the phone that she had no money to go out, when the gas guy showed up. Long legs Jordin quickly hang up and went out to find out what is going on. The guy was checking the meters and she wanted to distract him as she could not afford to pay the bill. The hot black babe quickly seduced the gas guy and brought him to her bedroom. What followed was a fine hardcore sex with multiple orgasms and some pussy stretching as the gas guy had a huge black dick. The end of the wild sex was a spectacular cumshot all over the sweet face of the skinny black model. The shocking thing was that the gas guy told her that he could not change the numbers as he was unloading his cum all over her face. The HD video and picture gallery are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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