Kandi Hart vs the Big Black Thing

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Kandi Hart , a nice tiny teenage type, was brought to me by a friend of mine who thought she would look good with the anaconda. Now when I first saw her, i was suspect because she was so small (check the id twice LOl), but this chick loves big black dick. She has a real cool attitude and is freaky as fuck. The anaconda was bigger than her forearm, how the fuck am i going to squeeze my dick in that little frame. She was amaze at the bulge through my pants she knew she was going to have her mouth full and when i took it out, her eyes pop out, “Damn you’ll think it will fit”, I don’t know but it won,t be the first tight situation i was in. lol She proceeded with the head skills and the anaconda was bringing tears to her eyes while she was trying to deep throat. The head was nasty and sloppy, but the way she was worshipping the anaconda made it more sexy. She kept looking at it and was amaze by the size and the girth of it. My dick was so hard, i bent her over and slid it in that tight pink pussy and she started to get really really wet, so wet you could hear it. Every position she was in her pussy was pulsating and dripping wet. This scene was hot, it took a few minutes for her to get use to it, but when she did, Kandi was a hardcore black slut. Screams of joy and pain. The interracial sex video and picture gallery are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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